The Most Experienced Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Handler in Seattle
Seattle's bed bug handler

Tony Haigh - The Bed Bug Detection Professional

Tony Haigh is now in his 11th year along with 14 annual certifications in canine detection. There is no doubt that SBPD will provide the most experienced canine inspections in Washington State.

After serving as a Resident Lieutenant Firefighter/EMT early on, Tony Haigh went to work for a local nonprofit as a resident manager helping others transition from short-term to permanent housing. The company became severely impacted by bedbugs and was looking for quick and effective policies and measures to reduce spread. Tony became a student once again and authored many of the agencies bedbug protocols. After leading staff on several large scale bedbug operations, It was a natural fit for Tony to take on the newest employee, C.C. the bedbug dog!

As a team, they immediately and effectively impacted the market in Seattle by providing third party services to other agencies, apartments, pest control and private residences as well. The operation was so successful a second dog , Zero, was purchased within the year. Certified since December of 2009, Tony is able to provide you with years of full-time experience as a canine handler who has offered services in all types of circumstance. Tony made the decision in 2012 to open SBPD after some questionable policies had been adopted by his former employer. We are happy to say that our business has consistently grown along with our customer base. Unfortunately, Pioneer Pest Detection permanently closed its doors in January of 2016.

Our Dogs

We only work with Owner surrenders!

Bed Bug K9

Piper - Bed Bug Sniffing Canine

Piper was expertly trained by Nicole Reusser of Rock Solid K9. She is agile, athletic and DRIVEN! Nicknamed by the trainers and evaluators as ” The Machine” Piper has wonderful energy and ability. With a clear and crisp alert, it’s undeniable when she has located the harborage of the target odor. She is very outgoing and when off duty is routinely trained and exercised for maximum health. Scent detection handling is a 24/7 job, spending almost every minute of every day with Tony to develop the bond and communication to be an effective team. She would love to meet you!

Bed Bug K9

Brigitte - Bed Bug Sniffing Canine

Brigitte is a Golden Retriever that is fun loving and full of energy. She began her bed bug detection training in April of 2013 with Elite Dog Detection and Training out of Lake Elsinore California. Brigitte came to the Elite Dog Facility as an owner surrender because she had too much energy and the owners could not keep up with her. Shortly after arriving at the facility Brigitte first began an extremely regimented obedience training program which last a couple of weeks. After obedience Brigitte moved on to bed bug odor imprint where she learned to pair a toy with the odor of live bed bugs. Brigitte caught on very quickly and was able to differentiate between live and dead bed bugs within a few short weeks. Once odor imprinting completed Brigitte was paired with her handler David Winn.

Mr. Winn conducted extensive daily training scenarios under the strict supervision of a Master Canine Trainer to ensure success. Brigitte completed bed bug detection training and was certified with her handler as a bed bug detection dog team in June 3rd, 2013. After graduation, Brigitte and her handler moved back up to the Vancouver Washington area in order to battle the bed bug epidemic that has ravaged the hotel industry across the country. Brigitte has conducted thousands of sweeps for bed bugs and has a nose for finding even a single live bed bug in a room. She loves her job and is excited every day when she gets to hunt for the illusive bed bugs.