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What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like On A Hotel Headboard In Seattle?

What do bed bug eggs look like in a hotel?

So you’ve finally got away for a vacation! Maybe you are visiting Seattle. Before you start to relax, check your hotel headboard for bed bug eggs! It might sound silly at first. However, it’s better to look than to spend your vacation with bugs! The majority of hotels will notice eggs and remove them. However, there’s still a chance that eggs have remained unnoticed. Bed bug eggs are small shiny, and white. The eggs usually appear in clusters up to 2 inches apart. The glossy white eggs are about the same size as a pinhead. Some say bed bug eggs are slightly resemblance of tiny oval pearls!

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are creepy crawlies that are oval-shaped, small, and brown. They are approximately the same size as an apple seed. These critters survive by consuming the blood of humans and animals. Once they’ve snacked on some blood, their bodies turn from brown to a reddish shade! Adult bed bugs are usually between 5 and 7 mm long. These bugs have short hairs, antennae, and wings (which they do not use)!

Bed bugs mainly bite during the night (hence the name). They use an elongated beak to draw out the blood. It’s unlikely that you’ll notice a bed bug bite straight away. Later on, you’ll find an itchy welt or two on your skin.

What should you need to do if I find bed bug eggs in my hotel room?

First, you should remove the headboard from the wall and inspect it for eggs. When you’re scanning the headboard, you’ll need to look very carefully indeed. A cluster of tiny white balls on the headboard may well be bed bugs! You should take a picture and show this to the hotel management. The management can arrange for you to move to a different room so that they can deal with the bugs! Naturally, you’ll be a little annoyed that you’ve ended up with bed bugs in your hotel room. Despite your annoyance, it’s best to stay calm. The hotel might even give you some nice free stuff for the inconvenience!

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

Unfortunately, bed bugs are resistant to many insecticides. The best thing you can do is to call a pest control service. You should wash your clothing and bedding using a hot wash of around 60 degrees. Vacuuming and cleaning regularly is another way to get ward off bed bugs. If you find bedbugs in your house, it’s essential to have a deep clean of every room. The bugs can hide in carpets and can be pretty tricky to spot.

What can I do to treat bed bug bites?

The best thing to put on bits is calamine lotion. You might also like to try an antihistamine pill to reduce swelling. Painkillers such as ibuprofen may also be helpful. You could again try applying chamomile oil to soothe your bites. Call your clinic up and make an appointment with your doctor right away if you suspect you’ve had an allergic reaction.