heater inside a bed bug heat chamber

The Most Pervasive Problems in Bed Bug Heat Chamber

Bed bug heat chambers are a common way of dealing with bed bugs. However, there are some potential issues with them. Heat is an effective way to kill bed bugs. By killing them off, you can prevent an infestation in your home. But localized heat chambers often do not work when misused. 

Bed bugs can cause a range of health problems. Allergic reactions to their bites can be severe. Infections from bites are also widespread. Infestations also lead to mental health issues like anxiety. If you have bed bugs, you need to remove them immediately. The right exterminator will help you to manage your bed bug infestation. 

What is a heat chamber?

A bed bug heat chamber is a portable device that constructed in your home. It will heat whatever you put in it to a temperature that kills bed bugs. The temperature ranges between 117 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit inside the box. The most critical issue that we have with heat chambers is that you need to know the science behind heating items to kill all life stages of bed bugs. A localized heat chamber will kill all bugs in the box when used correctly. However, the other issue is that bed bugs are very good at hiding out. So you may not have all the items in the box to remove a bed bug infestation from your home. Our heat treatment heats your entire home, leaving no cold spots where bed bugs will thrive and continue to make your life hell.

Bed bugs also infest other items, like shoes and furniture close to sleeping areas. These items must be placed in the chamber to be heated. Surprisingly, there are chambers on the market that are large enough to fit a bed, sofa, and more. However, you have to have multiple electrical circuits to run all of the heaters to heat a large chamber. If you are not able to run all the required heaters, you will never get to the necessary killing temperature.

Inexperienced person

Heat chambers are only capable when used correctly. If an inexperienced person misuses a heat chamber, the bugs will not die. You need an exterminator that knows how to use heat chambers properly. Safety is also a big concern. Bed bug heat chambers reach high temperatures. If operated incorrectly, there is a fire risk. Unfortunately, even when used effectively, heat chambers still fall short. Heat chambers are just one part of an effective plan to remove bed bugs from your home altogether.

Seattle’s Best Pest Detection has the right tools

Stopping bed bugs is a difficult task, and you should call a professional with the proper knowledge and tools to altogether remove bed bugs from your home. A heat chamber alone cannot achieve this. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection can knock those bed bugs down and quickly. 

Heating the entire house is far more effective than heat chambers. Bed bugs are not able to survive when they have nowhere to go. The treatment will remove any remaining bugs left in the beds and all other areas of the home.

Although bed bug heat chambers kill bugs, they typically will not stop an infestation. That is why full house heating is needed. Call Seattle’s Best Pest Detection for entire-house heat treatment.