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Bed Bug Treatment Cost in the Great City of Seattle

Bed bug treatment cost can be up to $5,000 in the city of Seattle. It really depends on your square footage. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection has the equipment and experience to remove any size of infestation with heat. Call us today and we will work with you to remove your pest issue quickly.

The reality is that there is nothing as disruptive as bed bugs when they get into the sleeping areas of your home. Unfortunately, what follows when they outstay their welcome is violating and itchy. And, that’s why it’s essential to research treatment methods. Not only do you need to get rid of pests, but you should also consider costs. Here at Seattle’s Best Pest Detection, we want to help. So, that’s why this blog post is dedicated to bed bug detection and the average prices. Continue reading to find out more about the price of removing these violating pests.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

You can expect to pay anywhere between $1000 and $2,000 depending on the scale of the project. However, this doesn’t mean one thousand dollars is the minimum payment. A small house, for example, might only expect to pay on the lower end. Why? It’s because a single room could be infected and nothing else.

Of course, the same works both ways. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that $2,000 is the maximum cost either. A large home that needs to be heat treated will be closer to $3,000 to $4,000. As a result, the average price is generally $300 to $2,000.

How Exterminators Charge

As a rule, there are three ways exterminators decide on price. The first and easiest is a flat fee. Once you pick a treatment, such as heat treatment, they’ll provide a one-off payment. Other experts will charge per room, which could increase costs. Also, you should expect to be charged by square footage.

Again, a flat fee will be a couple of grand. For a room, it’s usually around $800 for an apartment and up to $1500 for a small house. Per square foot, the cost should come in at between $1 to $3. All these prices are for a wide verity of treatment methods. There are always exceptions and that is why it is very important to call us about your pest issue first before assuming what you will have to pay. There are just so many factors in play that we will need to know the scope of the project before we can give you a solid quote. Just leave a message with us @ 206-321-2085.

Different Treatments

Exterminators don’t have one trick up their sleeve. Take us here at Seattle’s Best Pest Detection. As well as using canines, we also have a combination of canine and visual inspections. Steam Treatments are possible, too. Each treatment uses different equipment, and that’s why the price varies. For example, our heat treatment involves heating your home to 135 to 140 F. As a result, we have to go through a thorough process to protect pets and belongings. It’s also incredibly effective and worth the $2,000 to $4,000 payable.

Dogs, on the other hand, cost up to $300 per hour. Is this more expensive than heat treatment or steaming? The answer is no. Our dogs are highly trained and can spot infestations almost instantly. Plus, there’s no need to taint your home with toxic chemicals.

If you think you need help, contact us today, we offer visual inspection. Without a dog, a trained professional will look for telltale signs. They include:

• Eggs
• Live bugs
• Skin casts
• Feces

Can You Do It Yourself?

No. Bed bug treatment costs are quite high because the pests are stubborn. Without professionals, canines or extreme heat, they’re nearly impossible to remove. Do you have an bites or you are seeing them crawling around your home? Call us now to talk about your options.