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Bed Bugs Spread Around Your Home Because of These Two Known Reasons

Some believe bed bug infestations spread by a dirty environment, but guess what they don’t. They will live in any situation if they have access to a food source. Hence why they often choose beds as the main area to stay because they require blood to breed and grow. They use blood as their food source to survive. They will usually wait until it is safe to come and feed, so you won’t often see them. It can take days to weeks before you know you have these unwanted guests in your room. So you found these little bugs in your home. Now what? Well, you need to think about how to stop them from spreading before you call a bed bug removal specialist. With this guide, you will see two reasons how bed bugs spread around your home.

Changing your sleeping area will make bed bugs spread 

Mixing up your sleeping area can affect your bed bug issue massively. Bed bugs often know where you are sleeping so they can guarantee that their blood supply is regular—switching up your sleeping areas such as moving between your couch and other places in your home. Will often spread the bug bugs from room to room, and they can sense exactly where you are sleeping and will find you. So don’t run from them!

bed bugs spread to couches

Traumatic Insemination

Bed bugs reproduce quickly in massive numbers, so spreading them around your home will increase their population. Understanding how they lay their eggs can help you to tackle the issue. The mating process is called traumatic insemination, where the male breaks the female’s shell to inject the sperm into the hemocoel, which is a cavity. Then the sperm travels to the ovaries through the bed bugs bloodstream, which fertilizes the eggs. The female will leave so that she will not be speared again. The process is a great motivator for her to find another place to lay eggs for six to eight weeks after mating the one time. 

This production method allows bed bugs spread in your home to many parts of your home. Understanding this process can help you to see the more significant issue if you do not tackle the problem early after discovering them. Waiting to contact a pest detection team can give your bed bugs time to reproduce dozens of more eggs. In turn, it will allow the bugs to become more challenging to control.

Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to tackle your bed bug problem. Sleeping in one area will help stop the spread. Be aware that their reproduction method is quick and effective. They can create a vast population in a short period. Acting fast when you first encounter the bed bug issue will help—waiting even a week after can give them time to mate and reproduce a bunch of eggs. Each female can produce around 250 eggs, all of which can affect your home and make you a little bit insane if not treated.

If you think one of these two situations has happened. No need to worry; contact Seattle’s Best Pest Detection to remove your bed bug issue. They will tackle your bed bug problem with ease.