Bed Bugs and their Bites Explained

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Nothing ruins a restful night like unwanted intruders in your bedroom. Bed bugs and their bites can wreak havoc on our mind. Bites do not typically show up right away. The irritation and itchiness on the skin will start to appear slowly. If you’re having troubles with bed bugs, and you’d like advice about treating an infestation and preventing further invasions, hopefully, you’ll find this guide useful.

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What exactly are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasites, which feed on human blood. You can see them, the adults are about the size of an apple seed and their eggs are around the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. They are very messy bugs by leaving skin casts and small black marks on mattress cracks and crevices. Bed bugs use a proboscis to pierce the skin and then extract the blood. In most cases, people get bitten during the night. Bed bugs are a very common problem. It is estimated that a fifth of adults in the US has experience of a bed bug infestation.

Symptoms of bed bug bites

Bed bug bites are small red bumps, which can appear on parts of the body. Most commonly, bed bugs bite the areas of skin that are exposed while sleeping. Typically we will see bites on areas such as the arms, hands, face, shoulders, and legs. Most people don’t feel bed bugs biting them. The reality is that bites can show themselves around one to fifteen days after being bitten. The bites will be itchy bumps on the skin. The most common symptoms of bed bug bites include:

  • Itchiness
  • Swollen skin surrounding the bite
  • Redness and skin irritation
  • Discomfort

The vast majority of people develop mild symptoms, which don’t require treatment. However, it is possible to experience a more severe reaction. In some cases, complications such as blisters and hives, breathing difficulties, a swollen tongue, and a burning sensation develop. You may also notice signs such as spots of blood on your sheets if you have bed bugs. It is very important to realize that there are many different things that cause bite like symptoms on our skin. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection will find out if bed bugs are causing your bites.

What to do about bed bugs

If you have bed bug bites, it’s a good idea to apply topical creams, such as hydrocortisone, which reduce swelling and pain. Cleaning the wounds can also help to eliminate the risk of infection. In the case of severe symptoms, see your doctor. To tackle a bed bug infestation, wash all bedding at a high temperature, vacuum your home from top to bottom, and consider getting in touch with pest control experts if problems persist. Although bed bugs don’t spread disease, they can make life unbearable, and they can be very dangerous if you have allergies and there’s a risk of an extreme reaction to bites.

How to prevent bed bugs

Prevention is always better the cure when it comes to uninvited pests. To ensure you don’t get any visitors, it’s wise to focus on creating an environment, which doesn’t enable bed bugs to feed and reproduce. Bed bugs tend to hide in cracks and crevices, so fill in seams and holes in your walls, keep clothing and bedding clean, and try and avoid buying secondhand items, which could harbor hidden pests. Examples include luggage, mattresses, furniture, and pillows. Vacuum your home regularly and when staying in hotels or guest houses. Inspect the mattress edges for black marks or dots before sleeping in the bed. If you see black marks it could be bed bug fecal matter. I highly suggest that you find a new room and notify the owner of the room. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation at home, contact us right away.

Bed bugs are widespread problem. If you’ve come across tiny bites on your skin, you may be living with bed bugs. Bites may only cause mild discomfort and irritating itchiness, but nobody wants to share their bed with pests.

Seattle Best Pest Detection is here to solve your bed bug issue. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Bed Bugs? How to Get Rid of Them

Small Child with Bed Bug Bites

A bed bug infestation is complicated to get rid of and is one of the most frustrating things to experience. They breed incredibly quickly and their effect on those in the home can be devastating. Not only can they cause allergies and intense itching, but they can also cause psychological problems due to how overwhelming they are and also how much discomfort they cause.

However, bed bugs are a difficult pest to remove. Should a single female survive, they can lay up to 1-2 eggs per day which will continue growing the horde. The eggs are tiny and almost invisible to the naked eye unless you have magnification or have seen them before. The eggs also adhere to surfaces, meaning they can be in small places that are hard to reach or see. Bed bugs typically hatch in about a week’s time, so even if there’s a day or two where the bed bugs have disappeared, they may come back very soon and cause a whole host of problems.

That’s why removing bed bugs should be one of the top priorities in your home should you encounter them. If you’ve noticed bed bugs around or simply seen signs of them, then it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as possible so we can start the process of removing those bed bugs.

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What is Our Approach on How to get Rid of The Bed Bug?

Our approach is a systematic one. We don’t consider treating a bed bug infestation as a single event. We won’t talk in and treat it like any other pest infestation. In fact, we use a variety of different methods to ensure that we destroy even the largest groups of bed bugs that could be spread throughout your entire home.

The most important aspect of dealing with bed bugs is being consistent in your monitoring of them. It’s important to look at how the bed bugs are spreading throughout your home, where they congregate and also where people are being bitten. For instance, we’ve seen cases where a single target is bitten dozens of times at night, yet everyone else in the home is left unscathed. When that person moves out of the room, it can often cause the bed bugs to spread out and start biting several people at night, and we can use this information to track the behavior of the bed bugs.

However, we’d never expect someone to serve as a guinea pig to keep the bugs in a single place. Instead, we make use of canines that are specialized in tracking bed bugs.

Canine Units to Detect Pests

Our two canines, Piper and Brigitte, are able to sniff out bed bugs as soon as they enter your property. This means we’ll get a good idea of where the insects are hiding so we know where to start our treatments. It’s a fast and effective way to deal with the pests, especially considering how small they are and also how tough it can be to lure them out.

The insects feed only on blood. Their sight isn’t very good, but they’re attracted to carbon dioxide, making humans a prime target when they’re sleeping. This means it’s rare to ever see a bed bug during the day and they’ll only appear at night. With a canine unit to help us, we can locate these bed bugs and bring them out of hiding, revealing their hiding spots so we know where to apply our treatments.

Monitoring Is the Most Important Part of the Process

Even after we perform our initial treatment, the job isn’t over. As mentioned before, we don’t consider removing bed bugs to be a single event–it’s a long and involved process and monitoring the bed bugs and their activities is important. Since eggs can take a while to hatch, it only takes a single egg or bed bug to survive before you’re met with another infestation. This is what makes bed bugs so resilient and it’s also what causes the majority of issues when attempting to exterminate them.

Our monitoring process can provide accurate results to ensure that the bed bug infestation has completely been removed from your home. As the situation develops, our technicians and experts will continue to develop their strategies to help you deal with your bed bug problem. No two problems will ever have the same solution, and we’ll constantly adapt our methods to ensure an efficient and stress-free bed bug extermination.

So if you’re tired of fighting a losing war against these violating bugs, contact us today to set up an appointment and get rid of bed bugs the correct way.