Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs in your bed?

Three Bugs That Look Like Bed Bugs That You Should Know

If there is one thing that no one wants, it’s a bed bug infestation. No one wants a bug infestation of any kind in their house, let alone their bed. If you happen to see a tiny bug in your bedding or on your mattress, the first thing you’re going to think of is bed bugs. The thing is, you need to know that there are other bugs that look like bed bugs, but aren’t.

It’s essential to learn the differences between the bugs out there that could take up residence in your mattress. Once you know the differences between them all, you can make the right bug-zapping decision! So, let’s learn more about the bugs that look like bed bugs but aren’t below:

Bat Bugs

Bat bugs differ from bed bugs in so many ways. Bat bugs are light brown, and bed bugs are a mahogany color. As they’re both brown, most people don’t look too closely at the bug in question! However, they’re both ovals in shape and look very similar – especially as they are the same size at ¼ inch long. Bed bugs are found all around the world, where bat bugs are found mostly in the Midwestern United States. Bed bugs will feed on humans, but bat bugs will only suck the blood of bats unless the bats fly off to a new home or die out. Then the bat bug will move out of the attic and down to beds and feed on humans.  The most significant difference is the length of hair on their bodies, which is difficult to see with twenty-twenty vision.

Carpet Beetles

You can find carpet beetles and bed bugs anywhere in the world, and both insects are oval-shaped. Carpet beetles are black with a white pattern or orange/red scales compared to the bed bugs’ mahogany color. You can find carpet beetles in houses, with their damage mistaken for moths that you see in the wardrobe. Carpet beetles tend to feed on items like skins, leather, fur, silk, and wool, and they do not suck blood. They can also thrive on box springs, couches, baseboards, and inside floor vents. It so happens that bed bugs love to hunker down in the same places. To an untrained eye, carpet beetles look like bed bugs.


There are many different spices of mites in the world. Generally, mites live around rodents and birds, especially the blog sucking kind. It is typical for rodents and birds to bring these bloodsuckers into your home. When they gain access to your home, they will bite and feed on you. The mite bite will cause skin issues, and that is why it is common to mistake mites for bed bugs. 

If you are unsure what is biting you, contact us and our canines will find out if bed bugs are biting you.