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The Most Common Apartment Bugs In Seattle

If you are living in an apartment in Seattle, you must keep an eye out for bug infestations. Thanks to Seattle’s Best Pest Detection, there is one bug you don’t have to worry anymore. With the best skills and expertise in handling bed bug infestations in your Seattle apartment, you are in the best hands.

Common Apartment Bugs

Here are some of the common apartment bugs you are likely to come across in Seattle.


In the Northwest there lots of spiders. Especially in apartment buildings. Besides being the most feared insect. They aren’t really that harmful.

  • Most of the spiders species in Seattle are not poisonous and only bite if they feel threaten or they are about to be crushed.
  • Spiders hang out in tubs and sinks to drink water.

German Cockroaches

It is a smaller species of the cockroach measuring about 1.1-1.6cm in length. The German cockroach varies in color from tan to almost black. Some facts about the German cockroaches are as follows:

  • They have a high rate of reproduction. Within a year, a female species can produce hundreds of thousands of offspring. You need a frequent service to eliminate them to prevent faster recurrence and re-infestation.
  • The roaches thrive in heat and humidity. You will likely find them around the refrigerator’s compressor or any other heat-generating appliances like water heaters. Water pipes are excellent paths to other apartments.
  • They spend most of their lives hidden and protected. Check behind cabinets, ceiling voids, or walls to find the rest, especially during a removal process.


Another likely infestation is from flies if you are living in an apartment in Seattle. Some of the most interesting facts about flies include the following.

  • They live on a liquid diet and don’t have the necessary mouthparts to chew food, so they drink it.
  • They have taste buds on their feet. When flies land on any meal, they wander around on it before they start eating.
  • They defecate a lot because they live on a liquid diet. That’s because their digestive system moves very fast. Sometimes they defecate on their meals as they eat.
  • They can spread many diseases because they are in contact with many different types of harmful bacteria. They carry contaminants around when they land on any surface.

Bed bugs

If you live in Seattle, bed bugs can infest your apartment, and you should worry about it. Some facts about bed bugs include the following.

  • Bed bugs can live anywhere in your house as long as there are humans present. The bugs thrive on human blood, especially at night.
  • It is known that they survive for several months without any blood, so they will linger in bags, furniture, beds, and suitcases as they wait for a human host.
  • They are elusive insects and can stay out of view, especially during the day. They can hide in any crevices such as baseboards, box springs, and other places.

Why Hire Seattle’s Best Pest Detection For Bed Bug Removal?

Do you think you have a bedbug infestation in your home located in Seattle? Well, you need to talk with Tony for the best removal services. With his long tested methods, he can detect any bed bugs in your home and effectively start the removal process. Even better, they can set up a program in your apartment building to gain control of the property’s bed bug problem. Call them today to handle the bed bug infestation.