screaming women finding bed bugs in hotel room

What To Do When Finding Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room

Finding bed bugs is not a pleasant thought, and worse, sometimes, you can see the bites, but you cannot find the critters. If you have ever rented a hotel room and crawled between the sheets, and the next day, you’re itching, you may be the victim of a bedbug bite. Pull back the sheets and look.

Bed bugs are stealthy creatures. They sneak out of hiding to dine on your blood and may leave bites on your skin. Indeed, bed bugs do not carry any diseases. They are disgusting and annoying.

Here is what you need to do if you are finding bed bugs in your hotel room.

When you first check into a hotel or motel room. Take your luggage into the room and place it in the bathtub or sink (this can prevent your belongings from becoming infested). Take the time to look for bed bugs. Use the flashlight feature on your phone, check the bed frame, edges of the mattress and sheets, and around the room’s luggage rack. If you see any rusty-looking spots or rounded bugs, these are signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs are very tiny, and you may not notice them at all.

Do not Panic!

If you do find bedbugs, take pictures of them and any bites on your body. If you can trap a bug, do so. Call the front desk or quietly go to the front desk and ask them to send someone to your room to see the evidence for themselves.

Notify the Front Desk

At this point, you can ask to transfer to another room, or you can cancel and go to another hotel or motel. Hotels and motels can be held liable for bed bugs, and there have been more than one lawsuit due to bed bugs. Try to remain calm but get to another room or hotel/motel. Do not feel guilty at this point. You do not need to take any bed bugs home to your house, so you want to go elsewhere and not risk any hitchhikers.

Report and Review

Report the bed bug situation to the booking company when you are able. It may take you a day to do this, but potential guests must be mindful and check before they stay at the exact location. You should also write a review about the hotel or motel and make a note of bed bugs.

Launder Everything

If you sat on any furnishing in the room before your discovery, place all the clothing you were wearing into an appropriate plastic bag and seal it well. When you arrive home, wash your clothing in the hottest water possible in your washing machine and dry it in the highest setting possible in your dryer.

Keep an Eye Out

If your luggage was inside with you, be sure to quarantine it and launder everything. You may wish to vacuum the luggage out as well. Be watchful of your home for a few weeks afterward. This will ensure that you did not inadvertently bring home any hitchhikers and not find bed bugs in your home. If you have any questions, Seattle’s Best Pest Detection is here for you!