The Worst Advice About Hauling Away Bed Bug Furniture

Are you thinking of hauling away bed bug furniture? Stop! Read this first! Bed bugs are an unfortunate reality in many of our homes. These critters find their way into beds, sofas, and other furniture. And when they do, they can cause anxiety and horrible bite marks. Just knowing that these creatures are crawling around is unpleasant. 

Hauling Away Bed Bug Furniture Can Be Bad

Removing bed bug-infested furniture from your home, however, is not straightforward. You can’t just haul it through an apartment building. It needs treatment and wrapping first. Failing to do this can lead to bedbugs escaping throughout the apartment building and costing you and your property owners a whole lot of cash. So what’s the worst advice you could get? The worst information is just taking your bed bug furniture to the curb or in the building’s trash room. Doing this puts you at risk of spreading the bugs. And that could cost you a lot of money to clear up. Much more, in fact, than the cost of removing furniture. Remember, bed bugs can potentially get everywhere. As you drag the furniture, you release bugs into the environment. They can escape to your hall, stairs, and even your neighbors. Then you have an even worse situation on your hands. That’s right; the infestation is now all over the building. It is vital to have an expert deal with your infested furniture. 

A Better Alternative

Fortunately, there is an alternative you should consider. And it is surprisingly simple! First, you get professionals to treat the furniture. The idea here is to eradicate as many bugs as possible. Doing this prevents them from spilling out. It reduces the risk of them infesting other parts of your home and apartment building. Typically, treatment involves the application of heat. This process kills the bed bugs. Plus, it makes any offspring unviable. Hence, it reduces the risk of eggs spilling out on the floor. Wrapping constitutes the second part of the process. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection will cover the affected furniture in a shrink wrap. It will contain the bed bugs when you need to haul items through the building. The process stops all of the bugs falling out onto the floor. 

Seattle Best Pest Detection will haul away furniture infested with live bed bugs.

The subject of bed bugs is “icky.” People don’t like the idea of creepy crawlies in their bedding. Thus, when they find out they have them, they act. Owners remove the offending items as fast as they can. Dragging them through the house and throughout the building, though, is risky. 

For that reason, you should avoid the temptation. It might seem like you’re solving the problem, but you’re not. You could make it worse. Your only solution, therefore, is to treat and wrap. 

With that said, a lot of people experience true horror stories. Many don’t call in the professionals. Instead, they believe that they can solve the problem themselves. Eventually, they wind up with an even worse bed bug problem.