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Why SBPD Uses Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance that can seem to be hard to get rid of once you find them. Which is when you choose a treatment to eradicate them, you need to make sure you’re relying on the methods that have been widely proven effective. At Seattle’s Best Pest Detection, beyond our highly accurate canine detection techniques, we offer a bed bug heat treatment that we believe to be the best method around. Here’s why.

The bed bug’s one weakness

Bed bugs are highly adaptable creatures. It’s far from unheard of for the offspring of any bugs that survive a chemical treatment to have developed a resistance to pesticide as a result. The one thing they cannot resist is sharp increases in temperature. Their bodies simply can’t handle the heat. A professional heat treatment raises the temperature of the home to 140F for an average of five hours. Bed bugs can only survive up to temperatures of 120F.

There are no hiding places

With experts trained to understand thermodynamics and a range of heating equipment for rooms and beds of all shapes and sizes, we make sure that heat strikes every inch of an area that might be home to a bed bug infestation. There’s no hiding place from the heat, unlike other chemical treatments. Providing it’s done by a professional, it kills 100% of bed bugs infesting the home.

It offers complete peace of mind

Not only does a professional heat treatment reach every part of the home. It is also effective against bed bugs throughout all stages of their life. Some treatments that only work with adults aren’t as effective at finding and killing nymphs or eggs. There is no such fear with heat treatment. It offers total peace of mind in the knowledge that any and all bed bugs in the home will be exterminated before you come back inside. Furthermore, there are no residual effects so you don’t have to worry about sleeping in a home coated with insecticide.

Getting ready for your heat treatment

To make it as effective as possible, here are a few tips for a successful heat treatment. First, make sure pets are groomed on the day of treatment so they don’t carry any bed bugs back into the home. Similarly, wash and immediately bag a fresh suit of clothes for everyone in the family to wear when they return into the home. Leave all plants in a specific area for technicians to inspect for infestation.

All of these tips are to prevent you from inadvertently growing another infestation from scratch by bringing back in contaminated dogs, cats, or clothes. We have more instructions for a safe and effective treatment that can be found here.

Talk to SBPD about heat treatment today

It is a known fact that the heat treatment method for bed bugs can kill all stages of bed bugs when done correctly. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection can perform heat treatments in most single and multiple family homes in Seattle. Call us today to find out if our equipment will remove bed bugs from your home.

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