Bedbug on a hotel room bed

Hotel Room? The Two Most Common Areas You Should Check

A hotel room is not always as clean as you think. Sometimes nasty surprises are lurking in places you would least expect. Hotel cleaners don’t always target the areas that they should. Often management isn’t aware of the issues. Its guests like you who suffer the consequences. You don’t want that experience. It’s not pleasant, and it can ruin your stay.

It’s not just about cleanliness either. You can sometimes run into other issues. Remember, the hotel room staff is not perfect. Sometimes they can overlook things. You are the one who ends up suffering. Don’t be the person who had their trip ruined by a hotel room. Take some precautions. Learn where hotels make mistakes and then carry out your investigation. You will be glad you did.

In this article, we are going to let you know the best places to look for bedbugs. You will learn about the two areas you should check before you decide to stay for the night. Don’t worry it’s easy.

Check Your Hotel Room Bedbugs

Bedbugs aren’t just something that afflicts homeowners. They love a clean hotel room too.

Bedbugs are small creatures that love to live very close to sleeping areas. They survive by successfully achieving a nightly blood meal from a human. These bugs can live comfortably in a busy hotel room for a long time. Most believe they are microscopic, invisible to the naked eye. The good news they are not and with a flashlight, 20/20 vision and twenty minutes of your time you can decrease your chances of bringing home a bed bug from your hotel room.

Hotel room bedbugs are more common than you might think. Even hotels with excellent cleaning can have bugs. Bedbugs hitch rides on people’s suitcases and clothes. The previous guests could have easily left their bedbugs in your room. Without an educated hotel room staff the bugs can be easily left undetected.

Check the Mattress

Bedbugs are very lazy and a bit messy. They really do not want to travel far for a blood meal. Another behavior is that they love to hang out on the mattress seams. Start by slowly removing the sheets at the head of the bed. Look at the seams and piping on the top and bottom of the mattress. If you see black small dots, bugs, eggs, and or bed bug castings. Leave the room and speak to staff about getting a new room.

Check the Headboard

The next place to look in your hotel room is the headboard. Most headboards are removable, be careful not to damage the hotel rooms property when searching. Again, bedbugs love cracks and crevices of wood furniture. Given how close the headboard is to a sleeping host. The headboard is prime real estate for bedbugs. It’s like a condominium on the edge of the Puget Sound in downtown Seattle. If there is poor lighting use the flashlight to really be able to see eggs, fecal spots, and live bedbugs.

Those are the two places to look, now they could be hiding in other spots, but if you look at the mattress and headboard and find nothing. Your risk of bringing home bedbugs from a hotel room are greatly reduced.

The Final Hotel Room Tip

Most people are hesitant to book a hotel room that has a history of bed bugs. We say it is a good thing. A hotel staff that has experienced a bed bug infestation have the knowledge to prevent bed bugs. Seattle’s Best Pest Detection works with many hotels in Seattle. With our recommendations and preventive tools. You can feel confident that majority of hotel rooms would not move you into a bed bug infested room. However, if you ask the staff about a bed bug policy and they have nothing in place. Do not book a room with them. Find a hotel with a solid bed bug policy.