bed bugs in Seattle downtown skyline

How Do You Get Bed Bugs in Seattle: A Simple Reason

Bed bugs are a severe problem for millions of Americans. Roughly one in five has encountered them. Those national stats are in line with figures relating to the West. If you’ve experienced these vampire bugs in Seattle, you’re not alone. The big question is: why?

How Do You Get Bed Bugs? The Nightmare Situation In Seattle

Seattle has a history of problems with bedbugs. It has been as high as 13th on the list of worst affected U.S. cities. It has dropped down that list in more recent times. Still, bed bugs remain a common problem for people in Emerald City.

Despite the collective nature of the issue, it’s a subject wrapped in uncertainty. Homeowners, landlords, and tenants often call experts about other pests. Causing the bed bug problem to become worst. There are many trends to consider, including;

  • Bed bugs in Seattle are more common in summer.
  • Americans (not just Seattle) are increasingly worried about increased infestations.
  • Bed bugs in Seattle are far more active at night.

Many people assume that bed bugs are more common in low-income homes. Or dirty homes. Neither is accurate as bed bugs do not discriminate. Therefore, it’s a problem that can affect any home at any time. 

So, What Causes Bed Bugs?

There are many sources of bed bugs. However, the #1 cause for infestations is, quite simply, travel.

The reality is that bed bugs are the hitchhikers of the insect world. These bugs love to crawl on a range of surfaces and products, such as;

  • Hotel bed frames and linen,
  • Public transport, including airplanes,
  • Clothes and accessories,
  • Office or restaurant furniture,
  • Any fabric or surface.

Wherever they may be, bed bugs will find their way onto your clothes. Consequently, they will find their way into your home. Worse still, the situation is often undetected until it’s too late. After all, very few people notice bites while they’re busy. Likewise, the bite marks can go unnoticed for hours or even days.

Which Environments Are Most Likely To Cause BedBugs?

The harsh reality is that bedbugs could be present in any location. Nonetheless, some places are more common than most. As such, you should pay extra attention to those situations. They are;

  • Hotel stays, whether in Seattle or elsewhere. Inspect the room when you arrive.
  • Public transportation. Keep a lookout for bedbugs.
  • The workplace. Practice good hygiene and try to work from the same station.
  • Restaurants. Inspect the seating and table when you arrive.
  • Other homes. If you suspect an infestation, be careful when interacting in the rooms.

There is no way to guarantee invincibility. Nonetheless, increased awareness of the most significant issues will serve you well. It is key to protecting yourself where possible.

What To Do About BedBugs In Seattle?

When you run into bedbugs, a quick response is crucial. The sooner you act, the less time they have to multiply. Or spread to other parts of the home. 

Whether you suspect it’s bedbugs or another pest problem doesn’t matter. Our pest control experts are here to identify and rectify all infestations. For homes and businesses alike, Seattle’s Best Pest Detection is the answer.