The Most Experienced Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Handler in Seattle

We are highly trained to find Bed Bugs in your home

It is no secret that bed bugs are in Seattle. Bed Bugs are a complex insect and are designed to successfully live amongst us. They sense our human pheromones, making it easy for them to find our belongings and hitch a ride. Bed bugs have seen in public libraries, schools, movie theaters and anywhere humans hang out. Our services provide a way to know if the bugs are around you and most important in your bed. We also are able to find out if bed bugs have been eradicated 30 days after treatment. Call us today if you are experiencing bites or you have been treated for bed bugs to make sure you are bed bug free.

What we do best


A canine inspection is a highly accurate way to find bed bugs in your home. The process is quick and there is little prep that is needed to complete an inspection. There are limitations to the service and we will be sure to let you know what you will expect to be sure that we provide you with an exceptional inspection. Please see the prep information to make sure you have done everything to be prepared before we start a canine inspection. All canine inspection are verified with a visual inspection.



Visual inspections are important when it comes to bed bugs. In general bed bugs are a very messy bug and leave several different clues around that will tell you if bugs are found. With our trained eyes we are able to identify the smallest levels of an infestation. You can find more information about bed bugs by visiting New York’s famous bed bug website. If you are interested in just a visual inspection. Please let us know when you make an appointment.


There are situations when bed bugs can infest couches, bed frames, box springs and any other type of furniture so bad that it can be difficult to treat. If these type of items are moved out of your home incorrectly. It will make your bed bug problem worst. In the end it can cost you more money in treatment cost. That is why we will properly remove items to lower the risk of spreading the bed bugs into other areas of your home.



SBPD is Bringing the Heat!

And lots of it! Top of the Line green technology combined with a roll up your sleeves, no holds barred, fearless approach to bed bug eradication is what separates Seattle’s Best from the rest.

Our unmatched experience in bedbug detection and behavior are now available for treatments.

Too many times our customers asked us for help. Too many times we have heard the horror stories of treatments gone wrong…NEVER AGAIN! SBPD has an extremely unique position providing most of the pest control companies in Seattle with Pre and Post treatment inspections giving us a truly one of a kind education…. We know what works and where! 

Let our highly trained and educated technicians take control and we will return your home or facility into the comfortable and safe place your used to. With equipment and experience for every scenario, your bedbug problems are one simple phone call away from being solved. Tony Haigh is your homegrown, in the trenches bedbug fighting expert. With a college level education in thermodynamics and convection, a background in fire/emergency services and nonprofit transitional housing management, as well as continuously certified with a bedbug dog since 2009, Tony and his crew are the best choice to solve your problem. We will do it right. Because we can …And we care!

Green Services..

There are a variety of other services we routinely provide for our customers. From furniture and carpet packaging and removal, post treatment deep cleaning, sealing cracks and crevices, pretreatment, clutter removal and preparation assistance, carpet cleaning, steaming, non- chemical application including Diatomaceous Earth application and much more. Don’t see what you want or have a task? JUST ASK!!!