Treating Bed Bugs with Heat

The Most Common Complaints About Treating Bed Bugs with Heat, and Why They’re Bunk

You’ve probably been researching the most effective ways of treating bed bugs with heat. Did you know that the temperature between 117 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bed bugs. Making heat a highly successful treatment method. Unfortunately, like every other bed bug eradication method. There is no way to avoid the complaints. So we have decided to post the four most common complaints about heat treatments.

#1. It will set my items on fire

There have been cases where people have set their homes on fire when attempting to kill bedbugs. Luckily, this type of thing does not happen often. However, it has happen enough for people to believe that their stuff will catch fire. The correct way to go is hire SBPD to heat your infestation. That way your personal belongings or home will not set on fire.

#2. It didn’t kill all the bed bugs

It is a fact that bed bugs can not live in environments reaching over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The only reason bed bugs make a comeback is one of two reasons. Inexperienced technicians and bugs that have been brought back accidentally after treatment. It is important to understand, the method of controlling bed bugs is not an event, but a process. The best bet for you is to follow recommendations and understand the prep sheet that was provided. If done right, the results will be zero bugs.

#3. The heat spreads bugs to my neighbors

The spread of bed bugs does happen. It is typically caused by biological reasons and human behavior, not treatment methods. All methods are successful when done correctly. That is why it is important to let the professionals do the work. SBPD has a very high success rate for total pest removal on the first hit. That is why they use heat to take care of those blood sucking pests.

#4. My electronics stopped working after treating bed bugs with heat

It is very important to understand that certain electronics will be damaged. However, majority of electronics will withstand the kill temperature range. Your technician will know what will need to be pulled from the treatment area. It is key to call a professional like Seattle’s Best Pest detection to administrator a heat treatment for your bed bug problem.